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Year of publication: 2010; Publisher: Psychology Press. Editors: Rod M. Kramer, Ann E. Tenbrunsel, & Max H. Bazerman.

A must have! Published in honor of Dave Messick, one of the pioneers of social dilemma research

Books from previous conferences:


1st International Conference, 1984, Groningen

Year of publication: 1986

Publisher: Peter Lang GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Title: Experimental Social Dilemmas (234 pages)

Editors: Henk A. M. Wilke, Dave M. Messick, & Christel G. Rutte

socialdilemmastheoreticalissues (2)

3rd International Conference, 1988, Groningen, The Netherlands

Year of publication: 1992

Publisher: Pergamon, Oxford, England

Title: Social Dilemmas: Theoretical Issues and Research Findings (334 pages)

Editors: Wim Liebrand, David M. Messick, & Henk Wilke

frontiers in social dilemmas (2)

6th International Conference, 1995, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Year of publication: 1996

Publisher: Springer, Berlin, Germany

Title: Frontiers in Social Dilemmas Research (438 pages)

Editors: Wim B. G. Liebrand & David M. Messick


7th International Conference, 1997, Cairns, Australia

Year of publication: 1999

Publisher: Psychology Press

Title: Resolving Social dilemmas: Dynamic, Structural, and Intergroup Aspects (448 pages)

Editors: Margaret Foddy, Michael Smithson, Sherry Schneider, & Michael Hogg

contemporary psych

8th International Conference, 1999, Zichron-Yaakov, Israel

Year of publication: 2004

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Title: Contemporary Psychological Research on Social dilemmas (408 pages)

Editors: Ramzi Suleiman, David Budescu, Ilan Fischer, & David Messick


10th International Conference, 2003, Marstrand, Sweden

Year of publication: 2007

Publisher: Springer

Title: New Issues and Paradigms in Research on Social Dilemmas (281 pages)

Editors: Anders Biel, Daniel Eek, Tommy Garling, & Mathias Gustafsson